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Justice Scale

Symposium on Racial Reconciliation:

Call for Proposals Submission deadline: October 16, 2020


On November 5, 2020, the newly formed Austin Renaissance Council will host a dynamic symposium on Racial Reconciliation at the Kehrein Center for the Arts located at 5628 W Washington Boulevard in Chicago. The program for the event will be formed by neighborhood groups and individuals with compelling voices on that theme. This will be a live event that will be live streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


The event will be moderated by Reesheda Washington.


Who lives? Who dies? Who will tell your story? This haunting phrase from the Broadway show “Hamilton” is being echoed throughout our country today. In a year that is witnessing a global pandemic, a global movement sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement and racial injustice, an election of historical significance, and the toppling of statues that we were once held up as historically significant. We seek presentations that speak truth to power and courageously recapture the spirit of our U.S. Declaration of Independence that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.


We invite you to consider not only the original theme and guiding questions but also invite proposals that might reflect upon the experience of our global community seeking justice in an age of pandemic. Themes for presentations in this symposium will include racial reconciliation, our hidden history, and the Black Lives Matter movement. We are aligning this symposium to the Austin’s Quality of Life Plan and we will focus on the seven issue areas:

• Community Narrative

• Economic Development

• Education

• Housing

• Public Safety

• Youth Empowerment

• Civic Engagement


We are looking for proposals that speak to these areas and how to create actions that are sustainable, measurable and that can make a long-lasting impact in the community.


Please click the link for a detailed description of Austin Quality of Life Plan: https://issuu.com/austincomingtogether/docs/austin_qlp_fullversion


In addition, we are seeking current projects, programs and initiatives in Austin that will inform the public of different efforts that will create a long- lasting impact in Austin and the Westside. We see the importance of sharing with the community ongoing efforts so that we all are informed about these different efforts that will have an impact on how we live and work. Lastly, we see action as a catalyst of transformation. We will be highlighting current initiatives, programs and projects in Austin to create ongoing resources and opportunities for emerging businesses and groups.


Questions for consideration around racial reconciliation:


• For whom and for what are you advocating?

• Who have been the important voices for you in the area of racial justice?

• How do you impact and effect change?

• If historical figures like Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson are no longer embraced as those who best represent our country’s ideals, which historical figures do?

• What would our country look like if our actions reflected that all people are created equally?


Those submitting proposals are invited to reflect on these questions from the perspective of their lives, their projects, and their lived experiences. Proposals for formal presentations, works of dance, music, theater, panel discussions, ignite-style lightning talks, and other original creative work are all welcome. We especially welcome proposals from student presenters.


Presentation formats

30 minutes for presentations by a single author

45 minutes for visual, performing, and other arts

60 minutes for panel discussions and multiple presenters


All sessions need to allow time for audience participation. Please limit proposals to 150 words in length. In addition to your proposal, include a two-sentence description of your topic for publication in the symposium program. Also include any technology needs you may have. So that a balanced symposium may be staged which encompasses the best proposals, the symposium committee may ask participants to be flexible in adapting their preferred presentation format.


Presentations will be held in the Kehrein Center for the Arts. The Symposium will be virtual. Those joining the Symposium will be invited to donate to participating Arts organizations.

The Symposium on Racial Reconciliation will be an ongoing event. We plan to have mini-symposiums and additional opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations throughout 2021.


Proposals may be submitted to Sharon Morgan, smorgan@catalystschools.org.