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Submit your official Kehrein Center Rental Application at the bottom of the page

KCA Space Rental Application
Event Description & Special Requests

Describe the nature of your use of the KCA space, including any special accommodations you may need. Also, list any additional dates and times you are requesting if there is more than one. Otherwise, you can select the date & time below.

Terms & Conditions

I understand that I am submitting a request for renting the space of the Kehrein Center for the Arts (KCA). I realize that this submission is not a guarantee that I or my group will be granted the KCA space at the date or time selected and that the KCA may choose to not approve my request for any reason. I confirm that I have specified the nature of my event in the "Description" box above, including any additional dates or times I am requesting as well as any special accommodations I may need for my event.

Thanks for submitting!

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